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Circle 5's - still loved, still supported by Harbeth


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It's amazing how quickly time passes. In the late 1990s we became the OEM supplier to HHB of the Circle series monitor speakers, which I designed and we originally sold under the Harbeth Xpression! brand.

Example brochure, http://www.hhb.co.uk/files/brochures/circle5ug.pdf

The passive version, similar in size to the M30 was quickly followed by the active ones, my first attempt at active speaker electronics, which have proved to be extremely reliable. Peeking inside a Circle 5A today, I recognised my signature on the electronics module from Jan 2001.

From what we understand, HHB themselves are not offering a service for these speaker, but we have never stopped manufacturing the woofers and we are most definitely able to replace woofers, check-over the response. The tweeters and amps seem to be bullet-proof which is a blessing as we do not have any of these as swap-in replacements.

These speakers, as with all Harbeths, were built to last, and considering that the last batch was made for HHB some fifteen or more years ago (I must check), they have immense brand loyalty and pride of ownership. I was told that at one stage six hits from the Top 40 were mixed/mastered on these speakers, a tremendous tribute to their uptake and value engineering.

It's really nice to meet their owners and to her the stories of how they have been used and how trusted they are for their sound balance in critical applications.

Yes, we definitely can look after them for you!