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Newbie from Northampton with SHL5's


New member
Hi all,

I'm Francis, based in Northampton. Self-employed automotive specialist with a background in electronics from back in the day.

I have a pair of SHL5's since 2016, purchased used and without audition. I pride myself in deeply researching high end stuff before i buy because i can't always audition gear for various reasons, however, this way of doing things hasn't let me down yet so i'll keep doing it like this. Same goes for the audio hardware and cans.

My setup consists of the following...
SHL5's linked to Cyrus CDXT SE2 CD transport, GSP Majestic DAC, GSP Propius Monoblock amps (35W into 6ohms), GSP Bespoke custom interconnects and speaker cables, GSP Solo ULDE Headphone Amp, and each component comes with a bespoke power supply.

Additionally for late night listening i'll use Sennheiser HD800 (with factory and Silver Helix cables), and HD540 (Reference II) cans with my GSP Voyager portable headphone amp.

Suffice to say i'm very satisfied with my setup but most of all i love my Harbeth loudspeakers. Without these little creature comforts life wouldn't be quite so bearable.

That's everything in a nutshell. Thanks for reading, i look forward to reading all your posts.