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P3ES2's original binding post.


New member
I just got P3ES2 (serial number : P3 2823L and P3 2823R) from my friend who bought these speakers from the original owner in UK. The binding post of these speakers are difference from binding post of P3ES2 which I have ever seen.

Normally, P3ES2 is using Jantzen M6/27 Gold for it"s binding post while my P3ES2 is not using M6 (the binding posts seam to be Jantzen M8 520D).

So I am wondering whether the binding post of my P3ES2 are original or have been replaced. Who knows and can clarify this question?

Thanks and have a nice day.
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Harbeth UK
Staff member
Not familiar with that brand. I would think that someone has taken it upon themselves to change the connectors. I wonder what other out-of-warranty mods they have made?