Harbeth In your words

In your words feature from Harbeth owner, Steve Paines:

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Show us your Harbeth speakers

We love seeing pictures of your Harbeths, regardless of age, model or system. That's why we have ...

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The best decisions need facts

Reading some of the typical posts that appear in audio forums gives an overriding impression of a vast knowledge gap between the average audiophile and the designer of his equipment. We could reasonably ...

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A fabulous recorded performance - Britten's Peter Grimes

The technical overview of this seminal Decca recording from 1958, one of the first stereo discs issued has been documented on the Harbeth User Group in this thread, here. ...

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Adjusting the crossover for flattest in-room response

Once a credible and reliable free-field anechoic or quasi-anechoic frequency response is available, it is loaded into the simulator and a theoretical crossover model is developed in the simulator. ...

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The formative years ...

Video cameras hadn't been invented in the early 1970s for me to show you the DIY speakers I was making (all totally influenced by the BBCs monitors of which I dreamed!) but the influence is still vivid ...

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In the words of the designer ...

In this series of home-movies, the Harbeth designer talks about where he designs, and talks about some of the issues facing him. Interviewed by journalist Trevor Butler, Alan talks candidly about facets ...

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Listening to loudspeakers.

The ear has to be deceived into creating invisible musicians in space, between and beyond the physical ...

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What the 'crossover network' does...

One of the least understood aspects of a loudspeaker system is the function of the electrical circuit (the crossover network) and how it integrates the acoustic outputs of the drive units. This design ...

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Harbeth's history in speaker cone research

The heart of today's Harbeth sound is our unique, Patented, RADIAL cone material. It has an interesting legacy. On 19 March 1976, our founder, H. D. Harwood of the BBC Research Department, filed a Patent ...

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Frequency response curves

Here from one of my 1988 log books is a traditional pen-chart trace of a speaker under development. If I couldn't recall which model this prototype would become in production, I could not deduce its name ...

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Pages from '88, the early days

Here are a few of the first steps along the design path from around the time of the original HL Compact and HL5, launched in 1988/9. In those days of paper-trace pen-charts, the only convenient way to ...

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Flowchart of the design process

Starting with just an idea for a new model, there is a critical path that leads to the product. Loudspeakers can not be designed solely by techicians; they must be listened to and appraised continually ...

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