Harbeth Live series featuring David Rees-Williams

We're delighted to announce the release of the first video in our NEW Harbeth Live video music series, featuring pianist David Rees-Williams.


Recorded in David's home music room, the video features a multi-track piece with not one but two pianos played by David...at the same time - it has to be seen to be believed. Famed for his improvisation, David says this is a ''key element to keeping the excitement'' his his music and is a ''challenging but worthwhile way of playing.''


David leads The David Rees-Williams Trio, formed in 1988. Based in Canterbury, Kent,  they have performed many concerts in a diverse selection of festivals and events in the UK, Europe and The United States. They specialise in a programme that unites the best of classical and jazz. They caught the imagination of Radio 3 listeners when David's arrangement of Purcell's When I am Laid on Earth from their privately recorded album Classically Minded was played by Sean Rafferty on In Tune in the summer of 2001. The response was extraordinary and subsequently led to the trio being invited by the BBC to record a commercial disc on their new Late Junction label.


The trio's latest CD Thinking Allowed was released in February 2007. Featuring regularly on BBC Radio 3. It has been widely and unanimously acclaimed as one of the outstanding albums of it's genre.


Apart from his concert work with his trio, and as a soloist on piano and organ, he teaches piano in Canterbury, both at The Kings School and privately. 


When it same to the recording, the aim was to make the reproduction of the sound as faithful to the original live performance as possible, with the audio then mastered in Duet Media Technologies editing suite on our flagship M40.2 model. Read more here


You can watch the full-length performance of the Harbeth Live Series featuring David Rees-Williams and the short-edit video on the Harbeth YouTube channel

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