Harbeth Live series featuring R!ches - 'Let Them Fall'

Harbeth loudspeakers has launched a new track to its latest live music video series - Harbeth Live - introduced to mark the company's 40th Anniversary. Produced by Kent-based audio and video production company, Duet Media Technologies, the latest release features music duo R!ches.

After playing their newest track: Let them fall, R!ches praised the Harbeth P3ESR loudspeakers: ''To have monitor speakers like this that allow the live feel to come straight back to you is incredible. We were then able to pick out and change the fine details about the sound and hear things that I never expected to. A brilliant experience.'' 

Harbeth speakers played a crucial role while listening back to the performance with project partners Duet Media Technologies commenting ''The P3ESR loudspeaker are very truthful to what is recorded. In particular the lower-end, which always surprises me how much frequency they produce; certainly far beyond their small size. For R!ches to notice problems with the bass, which they didn't on their headphones, truly shows the detail in which these loudspeaker provide.''    

The full-performance will be available to watch on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Our three-way Harbeth Monitor 40 Reference monitor loudspeaker has produced thousands of hours of network, radio, TV and post production over twenty years.