Harbeth Live series featuring Riches - Winner

A new episode to the much anticipated Harbeth Live series is out now! For the recording Harbeth owner and designer - Alan Shaw - travelled to Canterbury's Colyer-Fergusson Hall at the University of Kent, where the UK artist Richard Navarro described the ''incredible venue'' in which he performed his latest tracks. Navarro's live shows are renowned for spectacular feats of vocal and instrumental virtuosity and improvisation. Previous collaborations include the 'Let Go Light' UK tour with live visuals controlled by wireless shoes, the 'Firewatching' UK and Ireland tour with choirs and brass bands, and the Luminants featuring extraordinary magic lantern displays. Now Richard performs alongside Co-writer/performer Nicholas Thurston as part of a new project called R!ches.

While listening back to their performance 'Winner', R!ches praised the Harbeth Monitor 40.2s loudspeakers ''To come back and hear the performance at the Colyer-Fergusson Hall is amazing. To have the speakers like this that allow the live feel to come straight back to you in incredible. We were then able to pick out and change the fine details about the sound and hear things that I never expected to. A brilliant experience.''

Alan, who was on site for the recording, said ''It was the best venue and acoustics yet'' and described the final performance as ''perfect''.

Harbeth loudspeakers played a pivotal role in the mastering of the production with project partners Duet Media Technologies commenting ''If you can't accurately hear what's going on in a recording then you can't make any critical judgement. The speakers and the acoustics of the room you're in are very important in the mixing environment. It's not the case of them being flattering in the sound. High-end hifi speakers should be truthful to what has been recorded. Harbeths are very true to the music and sound, a natural sound is essential when editing, as is quality speakers, which Harbeths most certainly are.''

We are delighted to hear the positive response from all the Harbeth Live series releases. You can watch the new episode Harbeth Live - R!ches Winner here or the previous epiosodes featuring Sylvette and David Rees-Williams performances on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.