Harbeth Loudspeaker 'In your words' featuring Chris

My hifi equipment has an analogue source as well as a digital one. I still have many loudspeakers left for which I have a turntable, a Thorens TD 147 Jubilee, which has a TP16 tone arm and a Shure V15 Mark V, as well as a Revox B77 15/7'5 IPS for which I various home made recordings. My amplifier is a Yamaha AS201 which I got becuase it had 100 watts per channel, enough for Harbeths. The CD player is a Yamaha CDS 300 and the tuner a Yamaha TD 500, which broadcasts Radio 3 perfectly in digital mode.

The other equipment is a pair of B&W 801s which I got from DECCA when I worked for them as a post production engineer during 1987-1997. I also got a pair of Harbeth Super HL5s at the same time. They were the victim of an amplifier which went BANG and took the speakers with them, so I only had the 801s. 

Then in 2015 I had a stroke , after which Alan Shaw sent me a new pair of Harbeth Super Hl5s - the Super HL5plus loudspeakers. I was shocked, but grateful to recieve the pair and put them up on stands which I had handy and listened.  The sound was incredible and they took over from the 801s. Thank you, Alan!