Harbeth Loudspeakers New Recruits

 Harbeth loudspeakers are pleased to announce two new members to its distribution network.

We welcome, new Finland distributor - Hifi Studio - who stated: ''Distribution of Harbeth is a dream come true! I have been a huge fan of Harbeth speakers for several years and used several different Harbeths in my home set-up. Now I am ready to make Harbeth famous again for their natural sound and musical presentation here in Finland. We have a great team at Hifi Studio and lots of interested customers so the future sounds bright!''

''I brought the first Harbeth couple of years ago. Since then, there has been a visit to almost the entire Harbeth collection. The character offers an unimaginably addictive sound that works with only music and even poorly recorded discs. The sound is at the same time pleasant, but striking, and the midrange is the best thing I've ever heard.''

HifiStudio will succeed throughout the whole Harbeth collection, listening comprehensively through out Finland. During the fall, speakers will be presented at each HifiStudio store. 

We also welcome, our first South African distributor - The Listening Room - to the Harbeth loudspeaker team.

Why Harbeth?

''The product embodies all that is strives for the Listening Room. Over the years Harbeth had become a quiet unspoken goal of ours. A loudspeaker which is unashamedly a loudspeaker...but so much. A loudspeaker based on founded music. The classic descendant to the LS3/5a and its enhancements, drawing on the golden era of audio to reproduce music so sublime from a 'plain' box so beautifully built and so beautiful to the eye. Beauty drawn from the golden era...a loudspeaker that looked like a loudspeaker. Unashamedly so. 

The Listening room once again reinforces its philosophy - music. Harbeth is that. It's music first and all the smoke and mirrors gets the back seat. To our fellow music lovers. Listen. If you like it, it's because it's music. If you like the classic design - it's Harbeth.

Quality of workmanship, quality of product and unadulterated adherence to the accurate reproduction of music. 

We are delighted and honoured to have this esteemed brand to our line. We believe the listener will sit up; and listen. This is the music. This is the ethos of Harbeth.'' 

You can find both of new distributors contact details here