Harbeth loudspeaker 'In Your Words' featuring Paolo

My Harbeth experience started the day I walked into Son Ideal Hi-Fi store in Montreal, and I met Claude and Robert (who would eventually become a close and personal friend). I was looking for a new pair of speakers, so they asked about my room, musical tastes, listening habits and sources. Then, they showed me the P3ESR. Within the first notes of the Muddy Waters record, I was mesmerized by the tone and liquid midrange of these little guys!


I listen to my P3ESR speakers with a Luxman L-550AX ll integrated with chrod 2Qute DAC as my digital input, a Rega RP6 with a Dynavector 20x2-L, which goes into a Rogue Ares Phono Preamp. I also have a Technics SL 1200 MK3D with a Denon DL103 R plugged into the amps phono input. 


Listening to vinyl is my favourite way to listen to my music, and I find it sounds the best with Harbeth Loudspeakers. It's just such a natural sound! With the Rogue and the Luxman Class A amplification, the P3ESR speakers just sing as if the band was in my listening room!


I also use the Chord 2Qute DAC quite a bit - it's also a very natural sound with the P3ESR speakers and is quite impressive with CD's and Tidal streaming. 


The only two mainstays in my system after all these years have been the P3ESR loudspeakers and the RP6, and I use them everyday. I listen to rock, blues, reggae and some punk with the Harbeths and they work brilliantly with all the genres I listen to! I even listen to my beloved hockey broadcasts on the P3ESR loudspeakers! They are studio monitors, after all - let me tell you it's like heaven!


It is the best investment I've ever made, and I hope my excitement and pride in these speakers will entice you to take the plunge and become one of the many happy Harbeth listeners out there.