C7ES-3 40th Anniversary launch evening

Our iconic loudspeaker

We were pleased to present our fourth and final model in our celebratory 40th Anniversary series; the 'Compact 7ES-3 loudspeaker' to guests at luxury hi-fi store, KJ West One. ...

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The Official Compact 7ES-3 40th Anniversary Loudspeaker Release

Harbeth loudspeakers has announced its fourth and final release in its limited-edition 40th Anniversary series. ...

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Harbeth loudspeaker continue 40th Anniversary celebrations

Harbeth loudspeakers are excited to announce the fourth and final release in the limited-edition 40th Anniversary series. 

To mark the occasion, Harbeth loudspeakers has partnered up with it's exclusive London dealer - KJ West One - to launch the 40th Anniversary Compact 7ES-3 loudspeaker at their shop in central London on Thursday 25th October. The evening will consist of two demonstration sessions at 6pm and 8pm. Available to pre-order. ...

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Harbeth Loudspeakers New Recruits

 Harbeth loudspeakers are pleased to announce two new members to its distribution network. ...

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