Harbeth - environmental responsability

What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001:2015 is the most up to date International Standard, ensuring that companies have a working Quality Management System to guarantee high standards are maintained at all times.

Why is ISO so important to our customers?

The International Standard is an assurance that when you buy from Harbeth you know that we conform to this Quality Standard. The Quality Standard covers all aspects of Harbeth's work, from incoming goods, the sales process, design and development, production and testing, staff training, calibration of equipment; a truly comprehensive externally vetted commitment to excellence.

What benefits does it bring to our customers?

They can have confidence that we have a thorough production process, and end users have the benefit of knowing their speakers are veneer matched, all sub-assemblies are tested and signed off, the built speakers are tested again before being securely packaged and despatched. They can also be assured that the Harbeth after sales service is excellent.

What benefits does it bring to Harbeth?

Harbeth are externally audited every year to ensure our compliance with the International Standard. It is a positive experience for all of us here at Harbeth to work in an environment where following our Quality Management System enables us to show that our attention to details is clearly demonstrated from top to bottom throughout the business.