The Monitor 40.2 Pro. The most accurate studio speaker

  • BBC Grade 1 Reference Monitor specification

The three-way Harbeth M40 Reference Monitor family has produced thousands of hours of network radio, TV and post production over twenty years. It's the latest generation and has been substantially re-engineered for higher efficiency, lower distortion, lower coloration and far better dispersion than its 1970s two-way predecessors. The brilliantly transparent Harbeth RADIAL™ midrange driver works in its own sealed cabinet, isolated from the high pressure bass unit. The overall sound is fresh, clean, clear and totally fatigue-free. Performers are placed accurately and naturally in 3D space.

As with all members of the Harbeth Monitor 20/30/40 loudspeaker family, projects started on one speaker can be reworked on others with complete confidence thanks to a common design philosophy and resulting sonic presentation. The last word in sonic accuracy is indeed the Monitor 40.2 loudspeaker, available in professional matt grey or a range of veneer options.

Harbeth's Monitor 40.2 loudspeakers are at the heart of mainstream TV production. They are in daily use at the British Library's National Sound Archive for forensic audio restoration.


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