Harbeth Live featuring Sylvette

We are delighted to announce our second episode of our Harbeth Live video series featuring Sylvette.

Recorded at EVE studio, the video features up and coming band, Sylvette, playing their latest song. The band were ''excited'' by the detail in which the Harbeth P3ESR speakers allowed them to ''differentiate and analyse each individuals performance.''

Sylvette unique sound has been described as somewhere between Jeff Buckley, Morrissey and Led Zeppelin. Sylvette's popularity has been spread by word and mouth from their exciting live shows around Manchester and the bands debut single 'Sweet Sound' was featured in multiple 'best of' lists including Richer Unsigned best of September 2016 playlist featured in Q magazine, 'Music Related Junk's' best of the week and the 'The Pentatonic's' best new bands. 

Notable gigs include headlining the unsigned showcase at the 1500 capacity O2 Ritz in Manchester, supporting Kate Jackson (from the lady blondes) and supporting The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown at Fac251. 

Harbeth loudspeaker, company designer and owner - Alan Shaw: ''I've spent thirty years, designing loudspeakers which are as neutral and accurate as possible, but we live in a world where the need for the pop music industry to produce creative content that is different and novel, is a major driving force. So, I thought, what we really ought to do is get out in the real world to a studio like this - Eve Studios - just outside Manchester and find out how loudspeakers, monitor loudspeakers are actually used. The importance of the monitor grade loudspeaker is absolutely paramount in getting a performance down-to-tape, which is to both the bands, and the producers, and the consumers satisfaction. So, the challenge today is can loudspeakers; which are not much bigger than a shoe-box, be completely relied-upon in a real working studio environment like this. Producing modern, dynamic material, to create a sound this totally convincing and marketable and reliable. That's what we are going to find out.''

When it came to the recording, the aim was to make the reproduction of the sound as faithful to the orginal live performance as possible, with the audio then mastered in Duet's editing suite on Harbeths flagship M40.2.


You can now watch the full-length version of the performance here. There is also a short-edit version available to view here.  

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