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Buying a Harbeth

New and genuine Harbeth loudspeakers are exclusively sold by Official Harbeth Retailers/Distributors, who warrant the authenticity of your loudspeaker purchase and ensure its warranty guarantee. The network of Official Harbeth Distributors covers more than 50 countries worldwide.

Harbeth loudspeakers should only be purchased from Official Harbeth Retailers/Distributors, who are authorised to sell and maintain Harbeth loudspeakers. 

All new Harbeth loudspeaker purchases have an international one-year guarantee that will be completed and dated by your Official Harbeth Retailer at the time of purchase. 

The warranty period can be extended to 36 months if the speakers are registered within 14 days of the purchase date. 

Please complete the form on our product registration page.

This is both outside our warranty terms and unfair to the local dealers who exist to support their customers in the long term.

Speakers in the listening room

Technically, the ‘reference axis’ of Harbeth speakers is set level with the (main) tweeter. Listening on that axis – or as close to it as practicable at home – will give the very finest results. However, many domestic listeners have to trade-off acoustic perfection with the practicalities of using shorter than ideal stands when they have children and pets sharing the listening space.

We don’t ourselves use subs, as normal acoustic music is reproduced convincingly by Harbeth speakers. Consider that the more (bass) energy that is pumped into the listening room, the more resonances are encouraged.

This depends upon how far you listen from the speakers, the type of music, acoustic damping of the room, your personal preference for listening loudness, proximity of neighbours and so on. If you listen to quiet, low dynamic music such as acoustic string quartets late into the evening in an apartment with thin walls, then 5W of power may be enough. Conversely, if you play dynamic music at a more lifelike listening loudness, 100W+ might be more suitable. A good all-round suggestion would be 75W/channel/8 ohms.

A well-designed loudspeaker, such as all Harbeth models, presents a relatively benign electrical load to the driving amplifier. This means that just about any general home audio amplifier made in the last thirty years or so should drive Harbeths well. We do not recommend very low powered amplifiers as they do not provide enough energy to move the speaker cones as demanded by dynamic music.

There is no fundamental reason why not, but consider that the ‘reference axis’ will still be perpendicular to the main tweeter.

We cannot give a factual answer to this – you will have to experiment.

The primary requirements of the stands is that they should inhibit the speakers from topping off, and ideally raise the speakers. There are many opinions about the types of construction and materials from which the stands can be made from. Your dealer may be able to guide you in the optimal selection.

Yes, but remember that the best listening spot will be the tweeter aiming at the central (primary) listening seat. This means that when on its side, the speaker cabinet will be offset slightly from the centre of the TV above it.

Not really. But as with all electro-mechanical devices, they are at their best when operated at about 22°C. After they are delivered, they will need a few hours to acclimatise to room temperature.


They don’t need more than a regular going over with a duster, and once a year a wipe over with a just-damp cloth with a solution of drops of detergent in a basin of warm water.

The unique Harbeth grille comprises a coated steel frame over which the speaker cloth is stretched. It fits into a channel around the perimeter of the baffle, and provides the tweeter with an almost perfect acoustic view into the room. It can be a snug fit to the cabinet and under normal circumstances can be teased out by pinching the cloth around the perimeter. We also offer a magnetic Grille Puller tool, or you can use your own magnets to pull the grille frame out!

The original cartons are designed to protect the speakers in their one-way journey from the factory to you. They are not designed for multiple subsequent journeys.

Firstly contact your local Harbeth retailer. If you need further assistance, you can contact your local Harbeth distributor via our ‘Where to buy’ page.


Yes, this can be arranged with your local distributor/retailer. 

Please note, you will be required to provide original proof of purchase, serial numbers and photos of your speakers.

Yes, but there are no component parts of modern Harbeth speakers that have a restricted lifespan, and many first-generation Harbeth’s are still in use over forty years later. Service parts can be readily fitted with basic tools without needing to return the entire speakers to the factory. If you wish to do so, please contact us beforehand.

Unfortunately, this is not a service we provide.

Other questions

Yes! They can be ordered through our support email – please see below.

Harbeth keep extensive log books detailing manufacturing information of every pair. We have to be cautious about giving that information out to prevent data misuse.

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