Harbeth Live series featuring project partners Duet Media Technologies

Since the start of 2018 Duet Media Technologies have been working with Sussex based loudspeaker manufacturer, Harbeth Audio Ltd, to produce a three-part series of live performance videos for use in online and social media advertising and also for use at trade shows and in demonstration facilities in retail outlets.


The three videos feature three different acts and have been recorded in very different locations. Each time Harbeth loudspeakers; Monitor 40.2 and P3ESR were used for audio monitoring both on location and in the Duet Media mastering suite in Ashford, Kent. The complete series can be viewed here.


The first performance captured Jazz musician David Rees-Williams playing a trio (on his own) and was filmed in his music and teaching room at home. Surrounded by posters and mementoes of his many performances across the world, David's two pianos, with two very different voices, were recorded and the accuracy of the Harbeth loudspeaker listening experience allowed the character of each piano to come through.  


For the second part of the series the Duet Media team and Harbeth loudspeakers managing director and designer, Alan Shaw, travelled to EVE Studios near Manchester. EVE has a unique collection of vintage equipment, much of which has been collected from the, now defunct, BBC Research and Development department at Kingswood Warren. It was from this era of the BBC that the Harbeth journey began making this boutique studio a fantastic location for Manchester based band Sylvette's performance of Rebirth.


''We need to get into the real world and come to a studio like this...and find out how monitor loudspeakers are actually used'' Alan Shaw.


For the third video, singer and songwriter Richard Navarro performed as part of his duo R!CHES in the magnificent Colyer-Fergusson Hall at the University of Kent. Richard's use of pre-recorded loops and live performance harked back to the overdubbed performance of David Rees-Williams in part one of the series, but was far from its improvised nature! The energetic performance combined with the intimacy of the set within the large concert hall makes for a compelling performance, again something that comes alive with the sonic clarity that the Harbeth loudspeaker brand offers. 


''To have speakers like this allows that live feel to come straight back to us'' Richard Navarro.


All recordings were produced in 4k UHD video with audio at 24bit 96kHz along with flac audio versions too. 

Duet Media Technologies have been working with Sussex based loudspeaker manufacturer, Share