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COVID-19 Update

Posted 24th March 2020

With the current Coronavirus situation, we have had to temporarily reduce production to the minimum in the interests of protecting our staff. Harbeth has adequate internal resources to get through this challenge allowing me to keep the Harbeth team on board, on full pay and ready to accelerate production when this is over. With a procurement planning horizon of six months, we continue to receive deliveries of the numerous piece parts that make-up your Harbeth speaker ordered from our suppliers in the fall of last year.

During this unprecedented period, I encourage you to explore the Harbeth User Group to keep in contact with me. On HUG you will find thousands of sensible, engineering-based articles concerning getting the very best from your audio system discussed in a calm, rational way.

Please be assured that we are putting this time to good use. It gives me a terrific opportunity to invest energy in R&D projects that normally I just could not find the time for, and on a personal level, helping to educate my granddaughter remotely.

To keep the Harbeth team motivated for the return to normality, I have installed an audio-video system that allows us to interact as if we were in the office or production line, or around the coffee machine.

You can still reach us in the usual way, although we are not physically in the office. New orders are being processed and despatched where possible.

I look forward to meeting you on HUG.

Best wishes – keep yourself safe,

Alan Shaw, Managing Director
24th March 2020