Harbeth in society

Harbeth Audio has been hand-making high-quality loudspeakers for over thirty years. The products are exported to Hi-Fi enthusiasts around the world, and the brand is also popular with broadcasters.

Unlike modern, snap-together boxes Harbeths speakers give many decades of service, often outliving their users. Since they have a virtually indefinite life there’s no need for any Harbeth speakers to be thrown away.

Every Harbeth is made in an environmentally-friendly way, using long-established methods. They can therefore be rejuvenated because of the expensive, but traditional, way they are designed and built. We work closely with our suppliers to encourage the most sustainable approach possible.

The amount of energy we are consuming in the manufacture of our loudspeakers, spread over their working life, is around a tenth of that needed for snap-together, plastic moulded speakers.

Harbeth’s patented drive-units are screwed to a removable baffle which, in turn, is screwed to the cabinet. This construction means that they are easily serviceable because each individual part, and the crossover, can be easily accessed for repair or replaced if necessary.

Sustainability is the watchword at Harbeth. Even at the design stage, the company is acutely aware of the need for a long product life cycle.

Harbeth is a member of the WEEE National Compliance scheme and is registered with the Environmental Agency: anyone with Harbeth models they no longer want should contact us about recycling advice.