The best decisions need facts

Posted 1st October 2020

Reading some of the typical posts that appear in audio forums gives an overriding impression of a vast knowledge gap between the average audiophile and the designer of his equipment. We could reasonably expect a manufacturer’s marketing machine to do what it does to motivate consumers towards its products, thereby perhaps obfuscating the product reality.

That’s business all over. But some of the questions put by audiophiles on audio forums, including the Harbeth User Group by folk who have the interest and one assumes money about what to buy demonstrate a staggering lack of even the rudimentary knowledge of the role of elements of the audio chain, let alone even the basics of how they are designed.

This is, of course, nothing new, it’s just now reached a crisis. When one reads questions over and over about why realistic audio reproduction over loudspeakers needs a match between the speakers in the room, the music, the listening distance and the desired loudness, and despite detailed explanations about power and efficiency the penny doesn’t seem to drop. one really does worry about the next generation of consumers. Does any normal 30 year old have the slightest interest in interconnects or main conditioners? I hope not.