Harbeth loudspeakers are designed and manufactured to a high quality standard.

The Harbeth warranty:

  1. Is valid for 12 months from date of purchase to the first original owner. Exclusions apply in certain countries in line with national law. Please consult the Harbeth distributor in your country for detailed information.

  2. Can be extended to 36 months by registering the speakers on the Harbeth Owner's Registration page of the website.

  3. Is valid only for products purchased from an authorised Harbeth retailer or dealer.

  4. Does not cover the cost of returning the product to Harbeth in the UK.

  5. Does not cover damages caused by:

  • incorrect installation, connection or packing
  • incorrect use not described in the Harbeth User Guide, negligence, modifications or use of parts not manufactured or authorised by Harbeth
  • faulty or unsuitable third party equipment
  1. Does not cover products whose serial numbers have been altered, removed or made illegible.

  2. Will not be valid if repairs or modifications have been made by an individual unauthorised by Harbeth.

Making a warranty claim
In the first instance, please contact the approved Harbeth retailer or dealer that you purchased your speakers from, in your country, who will manage the warranty claim process. The Harbeth retailer or dealer will discuss your concerns and, if it is considered necessary, arrange return of the speakers for inspection to Harbeth at their cost  and, where required, repair.

In order to validate your warranty, you should produce the original receipt and date of purchase. If the speakers were  bought second hand, the warranty is non-transferable.
The Owner must be the original purchaser and the speakers must have been bought in the country that the speakers were originally shipped to.